OmniEarth’s geo-analytics can help manage your resources - from understanding water consumption to gaining insight into the health of our forests. Satellite and aerial imagery, combined with weather information, population data and other independent datasets, form the basis of specialized algorithms that produce actionable insights for quick and accurate decision making. Viewing change over time gives decision makers the ability to identify overuse or abuse of assets and formulate effective action plans to save time, money and resources.


Having an accurate and defensible water budget is critical for complying with state mandates, assessing budget-based-rating, and driving conservation efforts in areas experiencing extreme drought conditions. OmniEarth’s Water Resource Management product automates the budgeting process by incorporating water meter readings with local evapotranspiration rates and imagery analysis. Our product shows - with a high degree of confidence - expected water usage by parcel, and highlights heavy users. It’s now faster and easier than ever before to accurately and affordably assess individual water consumption and focus conservation efforts in response.


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With many regions facing water shortages and drought conditions, it is more important than ever for municipalities to stem unintentional leaks and stop water theft. OmniEarth’s new, cloud-based Water Resource Management product baselines usage and flags parcels whose consumption has suddenly jumped beyond an expected rate, alerting staff to investigate abnormal usage and stop water usage in its tracks.



Using historical data, OmniEarth’s Water Resource Management tool can predict future water usage by month and season for every parcel in a district’s service area - enabling planners to accurately anticipate resource needs and uncover obstacles to conservation efforts.