OmniEarth’s geoanalytics help you manage resources - from understanding water consumption to predicting insurance liability. Satellite and aerial imagery, combined with weather information, population data and other independent datasets, form the basis of proprietary algorithms that produce actionable insights for quick and accurate decision making.

Municipal Services

Do you know where your water is going? Whether you’re trying to improve water efficiency or manage storm-water runoff through impervious surface mapping, OmniEarth’s detailed land classification platforms can help you keep your head above water.

We help municipalities easily manage and monitor water resources with intuitive analytics dashboards, flexible filtering and data export capabilities, and continuous compliance with state regulations.

Property Insurance & Financial Services

A lot of companies offer parcel feature databases, and some even claim to perform “analytics”. But only OmniEarth applies the same type of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques used for NASA and DoD imagery analysis to create a database of Physically Verifiable Data™ for the property insurance and financial services markets.

Our data scientists “train” the computer to identify risk factors, such as roof deterioration or tree overhang, and apply those criteria to high-res imagery that is frequently updated. Smart systems reduce time in the field, and proprietary change-detection algorithms alert insurers to new or evolving risk hazards for a particular property or an entire neighborhood.

Custom Solutions

OmniEarth’s ability to perform large-scale data fusion, combined with imagery-based change detection and classification, provides decision makers with timely and relevant information, from discrete asset monitoring and illegal crop identification to sentiment mapping and threat prediction.

As our tagline suggests, OmniEarth quantifies the changing world. We help industry, government and academia connect geoanalytics to their business needs. Our team can customize resources and solutions to improve your understanding of the world around you.