OmniEarth provides subscription services for all aspects of agriculture - from planting, fertilizing and harvesting to predicting yield information for farmers, insurers and commodity traders. By combining relevant information like imagery, weather and crop health, OmniEarth delivers insight throughout the growing season. Using OmniEarth’s Analytics Platform, customers can access information securely on any internet-connected device, enabling informed decisions.



OmniEarth’s Weekly Health Reports provide detailed crop health information to farmers with industry-leading frequency. By combining Landsat’s near-infrared and other imaging bands with the frequency of MODIS data (read more about our Synthesized Landsat data here), OmniEarth Analytics identify small-scale changes in crop health from week to week. Each week, view imagery or access your NDVI datastream, viewable as tables, charts or graphs, from any internet-connected device.


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OmniEarth’s Crop Yield Forecasting delivers regular updates on the status of your crops and fields. Our analytics extract crop health information from imagery using a proprietary combination of known vegetative indices to derive information more accurate than any single index. These crop forecast models can be delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for areas as small as a single farm or for an entire region.


OmniEarth’s Monthly Field Reports deliver information right into farmer’s hands with the predictability needed to make informed decisions to optimize yield. These reports use 5-m satellite images, collected monthly throughout the growing season. Reports show plant health via a variety of vegetation indices, such as Normalized Difference Vegetative Index (NDVI), Enhanced Vegetative Index (EVI), Leaf Area Index (LAI) and others.