The OmniEarth Analytics Platform enables our customers to access new data insights through customized dashboards and analytics. From GIS software integration to mobile dashboard development or data fusion, this capability can be rapidly deployed for custom solutions.



Do you have questions you don’t know how to answer or difficult problems that you can’t solve? OmniEarth provides professional services in geospatial analysis, data fusion, Bayesian networks and R-base statistics. We leverage our team’s extensive experience with geospatial and big data problems to deliver customized solutions for your business.


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OmniEarth’s multi-modal, geospatial analytics deliver solutions customers have been waiting for. Whether the business need arises from questions about what happened and why, or how to identify, quantify and address change, OmniEarth provides big data analytics with geospatial context. Our software development team can provide customizations to meet your needs for viewing and processing information in a geospatial context.



Complex problems often require complex solutions. OmniEarth takes your proprietary data and adds information from multiple datasets to create a solution that is both easy-to-use and scientifically-validated. Data layers and derived insights are integrated into a useful, accurate and visually appealing format.