OmniEarth leverages a variety of satellite and aerial imagery partners to provide subscription-based monitoring of pipelines and other fixed assets. Change-detection algorithms identify differences in and around physical structures, providing customers with up-to-date information to manage and protect valuable assets.



Pipelines running through high-consequence areas - particularly near daycare centers, hospitals or schools -  must be monitored by federal law. OmniEarth lowers the cost and improves the timeliness and confidence of such reporting with automated notifications and convenient dashboards. Our analytics combine powerful satellite and aerial imagery with other relevant information, such as tax records and and building permit applications, to track variables and identify actionable changes in and around pipelines.


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Using multispectral imagery with high revisit rates, OmniEarth provides pipeline operators and environmental agencies with timely knowledge of pipeline status and surrounding vegetation. By monitoring vegetation health in pipeline corridors, we provide early detection of potential problems and identify the extent of petroleum leaks along the pipeline.



OmniEarth provides pipeline and power-generation companies with right-of-way monitoring,

alerting them of vegetation encroaching on predefined buffer areas. Using satellite imagery, OmniEarth performs change detection within buffer areas to deliver an ongoing record of vegetation within asset corridors. Our service can be set up with a frequency to meet regulatory requirements, ensuring customers can take timely action to meet compliance needs and maintain operations.



OmniEarth’s subscription-based Oil Production Estimates cover areas as small or large as you need - including states, regions, and oil basins - to monitor drilling activity and provide estimates for production levels. Using satellites, OmniEarth can determine new and active drilling sites, and combine that information with production reports, to deliver accurate oil production estimates.