The $84 Trillion global economy is dispersed over 60% of the Earth’s surface. OmniEarth's subscribers eliminate business uncertainty with access to a guaranteed, reliable, consistent, analytics-ready data and information flow.


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Improving agricultural yield is good for both growers and the environment. OmniEarth’s data flow and analytics support multiple dimensions of agronomy, from optimizing field production to informing global food security.


We believe that our natural resources must be protected and used efficiently. Using geospatial analytics based on commercial satellite and aerial imagery, OmniEarth delivers solutions to effectively manage resource projects including Forestry, Water and Mining. With the launch of our constellation in 2018, OmniEarth will offer an unprecedented daily view of the entire planet, delivering a frequency not possible today.


OmniEarth’s access to a wide variety of imagery and geospatial data sets, along with proprietary decision support tools inform all phases of development, from exploration to production and decommissioning. The OmniEarth Analytics Platform provides easy-to-use tools for environmental baselines, asset integrity, and basin monitoring.


Much of the world’s economic activity can be observed and analyzed based on Physically Verifiable Data - that which we can see and quantify. OmniEarth delivers financial customers repeatable, accurate information on changes along with pattern analysis to provide insights into economic activity that gives traders and investors an edge over the competition.


OmniEarth supports local governments in their efforts for development, utility improvements and maintenance and emergency response by connecting sensor systems to geographic information systems (GIS) – improving efficiency and lowering overall costs to taxpayers.


OmniEarth’s ability to perform large-scale data fusion combined with imagery-based Change Detection and Classification provides decision makers with timely and relevant information, from discrete asset and location monitoring to illegal crop identification.