• Quantify the Changing World ™

At OmniEarth, we view the world differently. We recognize that our Earth is a vibrant and interactive system and that modern global business requires a quantitative approach. We improve our subscribers’ ability to understand, manage and predict the world around them with advanced geoanalytics.

Customer Testimonials

The City of Folsom is always looking for ways to reduce water waste and OmniEarth’s Analytics platform uses GIS technology and data science to determine consumption measured against an estimated water budget.

Don SmithWater Management Coordinator - City of Folsom, California

OmniEarth provides a more efficient, cost-effective and accurate approach for IEUA to help our retail agencies target water conservation efforts to the right customers to meet state mandated conservation goals. Their technology is a win-win solution for state and local water providers that wasn’t possible before OmniEarth.

Tom AshSr. Envir. Planner/Water Use - Inland Empires Utilities Agency, California